How to Use Joinpd Without a Google Account

Joinpd is a free online platform where you can create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without needing a Google account.

Why use Joinpd without Google?

There are a few reasons you may want to use Joinpd instead of Google’s suite of products:

  1. Privacy – You don’t have to provide any personal information like an email address or name to use Joinpd. Everything is anonymous.
  2. Security – Your files are encrypted and access is password-protected. Only those you choose to share with can view your documents.
  3. Simplicity – The interface is clean and minimal, without distractions. It’s focused solely on productivity.
  4. Compatibility – Files can be exported in common formats like .doc, .xls, and .ppt so you can open them in other programs.

How to get started

Using Joinpd is simple. Just go to and click “Create New” to start a document, spreadsheet or presentation. Give your file a name and select a template to begin. You can format text, add media, make calculations, and more depending on the file type.

To share your work with others, click the “Share” button and enter the email addresses of people you want to collaborate with. They’ll receive a link to access the file where they can view, edit, comment or download the file.

While not as full-featured as Google’s offerings, Joinpd has the essential tools you need to get work done efficiently without sacrificing your privacy or security. For a simple, no-frills productivity suite, Joinpd can’t be beat.

Downloading and Installing Joinpd

To use Joinpd without signing in with your Google account, you’ll need to download the app directly.

Downloading the Joinpd App

Head to and click the “Download” button. Choose to download the app for your iOS or Android device. The app is free to download and use.

Once the download completes, open the Joinpd app on your phone. Instead of signing in with Google, select “Use without an account”. This will allow you to use Joinpd without linking it to your Google profile.

Getting Started with Joinpd

When you first open the Joinpd app, you’ll be asked to create a unique username. This will be your display name that others see when using the app. Choose something easy to remember that isn’t too similar to your actual name.

Next, Joinpd will walk you through selecting your interests and hobbies so it can recommend groups and people with similar interests. The more interests you choose, the more tailored the experience will be. But feel free to only select a few to keep your profile more private.

Using the App Anonymously

Now you’re ready to start using Joinpd without a Google login! You can join public groups, chat with others, share photos and links, all while remaining anonymous. Your username and selected interests are the only details visible to others on the app.

For the most privacy, avoid sharing any personal details or posting photos that contain identifiable information. But you’re free to engage with the Joinpd community as much or as little as you like, all without linking it to your real-world identity. Enjoy your anonymous social experience!

Connecting Joinpd to Your Devices

To use Joinpd without signing in to a Google account, you’ll need to connect the app directly to your Android or iOS device. This allows Joinpd to function independently from any accounts.

Connecting to Android

If you have an Android phone or tablet, here’s how to connect Joinpd:

  • Enable “Unknown sources” in your Android security settings to allow installations from outside the Google Play Store.
  • Download the Joinpd .apk file to your Android device. Tap to install it.
  • Open the Joinpd app on your Android. Tap “Get started without an account”.
  • Joinpd will prompt you to enable various permissions to connect to your Android device. Tap “Allow” or “Grant” for each permission. These include access to notifications, storage, contacts and more.
  • Once the permissions are enabled, Joinpd will automatically connect to your Android device. Your phone number, name and profile photo may be used in the Joinpd interface.
  • You can now use Joinpd to send messages, links, files and more between your Android devices. No Google account required!

Connecting to iOS

To use Joinpd on an iPhone or iPad without an Apple ID, follow these steps:

  • Make sure “Allow Apps from App Store and identified developers” is enabled in your iOS settings. This allows installations from outside the App Store.
  • Download the Joinpd .ipa file to your iOS device. Tap to install.
  • Open Joinpd and tap “Get started without an account”.
  • Joinpd will ask for various permissions to connect to your iOS device. Tap “OK” or “Allow” for each request. These include notifications, contacts, photos access and more.
  • Once permissions are granted, Joinpd will automatically connect to your iPhone or iPad. Your name, number and profile photo may appear in the Joinpd interface.
  • You can now use Joinpd to communicate between your iOS devices without signing in or creating an Apple ID.

Connecting Joinpd directly to your Android or iOS devices allows you to use its messaging and file sharing features without tying it to any accounts. You maintain full control over your information while still enjoying an integrated experience across your devices.

Using Joinpd Features Without Google

Using Joinpd without linking a Google account is easy. You can still access many of Joinpd’s main features to be productive.

Create Documents

You can create new documents like notes, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, etc. Just select “New” and choose a document type from the menu. Whether it’s a blank doc or you select a template to get started, you’ll be able to save and access your files within Joinpd.

Upload and Access Files

Have files on your computer you want to upload? No problem. Just select “Upload” or “Files” from the menu to browse and upload files from your device. Once uploaded, you can open, edit, download, delete, organize into folders, and share your files within Joinpd.

Share and Collaborate

You can share files and folders with others to collaborate. When you share with someone, you can give them editor or viewer access. Editors can make changes to the file while viewers can only see the file. Either way, you’ll be able to work with others on projects without needing a Google account.

Storage Space

Even without a Google account, you still get 15GB of free cloud storage to save your Joinpds files. You can upgrade to 100GB of storage for a monthly fee if you need more space. Your files are securely stored and backed up in the cloud so you can access them anywhere.

Offline Access

The Joinpds mobile app allows you to access your files even when offline. You can view, edit, and create new docs when you have no internet connection. Your changes will sync once you’re back online.

While linking a Google account provides some additional benefits, you can still be productive using many of Joinpd’s most useful features to create, share, store, and collaborate on files without an account. Give Joinpds a try and see how much you can accomplish!

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Using Joinpd Without Google

Sometimes when using Joinpds without a Google account, you may run into a few issues. Here are some common problems and how to fix them.

Can’t Sign In

If you can’t sign in to Joinpds at all without Google, first double check that you’re entering the correct email and password. Passwords are case sensitive, so be sure caps lock isn’t on.

If your password is correct but you still can’t log in, your account may have been disabled. Try resetting your password by clicking “Forgot password” on the sign in page. Enter your email to receive a link to set a new password. Once you set a new password, you should be able to log in again.

Missing Features

Some features like cloud storage, profile pictures, and app integrations may be unavailable when you sign in without Google. Joinpds provides a more limited experience to non-Google accounts due to fewer services being linked. If there are specific Google features you need, you’ll have to sign in with a Google account to access them.

Syncing Issues

If you use Joinpds without Google on multiple devices, your information may not sync properly between them. Your emails, contacts, files and other data are not backed up to your Google account, so they won’t automatically update on your other devices. To resolve this, you’ll need to manually sync your Joinpds data between devices or back it up to a third-party service.

Signing Out Problems

Occasionally when signing out of Joinpds without Google, your information may not fully sign out. Your emails, files or other data may still appear even after signing out. To completely sign out and revoke Joinpd’s access, go to and click “Remove account access”. This will disconnect your non-Google account from Joinpds and sign you out of all devices. You can then sign back in to start fresh.

By troubleshooting these common issues, you’ll have an easier time using Joinpds without relying on a Google account.

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