Are Network Engineers Busy?

Some people have not been engaged in network engineer, and want to know if the post of network engineers is busy.

I will discuss about the busy degree and some daily work for you to explain.

1. As an experienced network engineer, the daily work should be orderly rather than very busy.

As a network engineer, the work experience and the understanding of technology and work are very important.

An experienced technical engineer, especially a network engineer, should have been intoxicated with orderliness in the daily work order and routine work, so the daily work will not lead to extreme busyness

In particular, after-sales engineers mostly do maintenance and after-sales technical support work. This work is mainly characterized by making the network stable. On the contrary, they do not rush to configure equipment every day.

2. Sudden technical support or network failure may be busy, but they are all short-lived.

As a network engineer, are there times when you are very busy? I think this happens more or less occasionally in your work. Let’s take a typical example. For example, when a customer’s network suddenly has a technical fault, when you are a network engineer to debug the equipment for the customer or solve the network fault, you may fall into a busy working state, However, this status usually does not last very long, because our goal is to repair the customer’s network as soon as possible

The daily work of our network engineers is to ensure that the customer’s network is robust enough. For example, we should make more backups for the network, more double links, or more backups for lines, technical equipment, and power supplies to ensure that the network will not have technical failures. These work itself is involved in daily work, so the more well prepared the network engineers are for their daily work, On the contrary, when encountering network failure, they will not be particularly busy and will not rush to deal with this fire fighting problem.

3. The working hours of network engineers are mostly from  nine to five or six, and they work regularly.

For people who have not entered the industry or who do not know much about computer network engineers, what they worry about most is whether network engineers will work overtime, whether they will work 24 hours a day, whether they will exceed the national statutory working hours, etc. They will have some concerns about the work content and working hours

For most network engineers, the working hours are very regular. They start from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 6 p.m., basically along with the customer’s network. Let me take a typical example. For example, if you are providing technical support to a bank, you can start at the bank when you are on duty, and you can leave the bank when you are off duty, because you are providing technical support to the customer, that is, the bank. It’s impossible for the bank to stop working. If you work overtime at midnight, you don’t know what kind of ghost shift you are working on. If the customer is not on duty, he doesn’t need you to do any debugging. So in most cases, network engineers won’t work overtime, especially for a long time.

This article was originally written by a network engineer’s growth diary. Welcome to pay attention and let you learn together.

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